Best Boudin in Ascension Parish

Boudin pronounced “boo-dahn” For those of you reading that aren’t from South Louisiana, boudin is in a link like a sausage. The casing is packed with pork, rice and the ohhh so good seasonings. I have to warn you, it isn’t very photogenic in its natural state, but hey, neither am I! There isn’t much that […]

What Is A “DEAL” To You?

What does getting a “deal” on a home purchase mean to you? Now that we have begun to enter into a buyer’s market I have been hearing many prospective buyers talk about wanting to get a “deal” on their purchase. What exactly does that mean to you? Let’s explore some of the “deal” options you […]

Up! Up! and Away! Hot Air Balloons

hot air balloons at gonzales hot air balloon festival

Do you remember the song “My Beautiful Balloon” by Fifth Dimension? We couldn’t stop singing this when we visited the Ascension Parish Hot Air Balloon Festival. The balloons there were all so beautiful! While we were there, we started to chat with the most delightful lady, Ms. Leslie Jeansonne. The balloon we were admiring belonged […]

Arf! Arf! Let’s Go Play!

girl playing with dog at gonzales dog park

Gonzales has gone to the dogs! In terms of the Gonzales Dog Park that is! We recently took our pups out to the Gonzales Dog Park so they could get some exercise. What a great little secret spot we have right here in our backyard! Just go to Jambalaya Park and take the road to […]