Can you say "Punched in the Gut?"

As my first post, I decided to give you a little peek into my family life.

Wednesday started out like every other day. Life was good! My wonderful husband made my coffee before he left for work. (Yes, I am spoiled!) The girls had already left for school and I was on the phone with my BFF planning a short girls trip.
The house phone rang. Hmmm…the house phone never rings. It was my husband. Not typical of him to call this early but not alarmed. Long story short… He informs me that he has just been laid off. I felt like someone had punched me in the gut. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t make a sound.

My mind was swimming. (although I felt like it was drowning) I knew I had to remain calm for him. This was the worst phone call he would ever have to make to me. But, how would we survive, how would we pay our house note (big deal to me since I am in the Real Estate business), how would we take care of the girls…oh, the girls…How would we tell these precious little creatures that there was a problem?
As the day progressed, I then became very angry. What about the 14 years of his life he had given this company? There was no warning. Why wasn’t he offered a different postition? You know…all the why questions that he doesn’t have the answers to.

Our world had been turned upside down.

We have all seen the National News.  We have all heard about the masses of people being laid-off.  Unfortunately, I think I had been de-sensitized.  Don’t get me wrong.  I feel deeply for the people we hear about.  But, I didn’t know them.  There wasn’t a personal connection.  Living in Louisiana, we have been very lucky.  Our housing market has not bottomed out.  We don’t see the foreclosure signs on every other street.  And, from all I was reading, our unemployement levels were holding steady.  Our economy as a state was good.  Baton Rouge was listed as “One of the Top 10 Cities to Ride out the Recession!”  We weren’t having the lay-offs that a lot of the nation is seeing.  I always knew that it was a possibility, nothing is permanant any more.  But…I never imagined it would happen to us.

Skipping forward….As the days progressed my husband and I realized just how much people care for us.  On the day that this happened, we were flooded with phone calls from caring people offering to help.  Offers of help with things that most would not even begin to imagine.  There was one phone call that I received that made things so much better.  I will tell about that phone call in another post.  But to this person now…you know who you are…Thank you and I love you.  She let me cry, she let me vent, she listened.

It has only been three days but our minds have become a little more clear.  We have our health.  We have each other. We have lots of wonderful friends. We are strong.  We will survive.  There is a lesson to be learned here, and we are now open to learning.  What seemed like the worst day of my life has opened my eyes to see things that I was taking for granted. 

Oh!  I almost forgot!  The night of this news, my oldest daughter fell and broke her foot!  Can I tell you how I have been on the edge of loosing it!  That is called..Sucker punched in the gut!  She is now in a cast for six weeks and will not be driving in the near future.  (I think that is hurting her more now than the actual broken bone. LOL) See, I am able to muster up a laugh here and there!

We have a bumpy road ahead of us. We will be tested more than we care to be.  But, we have taken the bull by the horns and have lots of “feelers” out.  There are lots of people rooting for us. 

What I want you to take away from this is…You never know what kind of battle someone is fighting.  Be kind.  Sometimes the smallest kind gesture you make will turn someones day completely around.

Today is my youngest daughter’s 9th birthday.  We have something to celebrate!


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  1. What a way to break into the blogging world!!! And with such transparency and honesty, passion and candor. Im damn proud of you, Kristina!!

    Now, go forth and blog your brains out! And, stay true to you!

  2. I am amazed. You are so strong, and you needed to write this blog post. Although I am sure it is theraputic to you,.. you have just helped more people than you know. We love you and are here for you. Will be in touch. @floridasunsales..aka Debbie

  3. Well when you decide to blog, you come out with both barrels blazing, don’t ya? Honest, heartfelt and real. You can’t ask for anything more.

  4. This is an AMAZING first post – and one that I’m sure far too many people can relate to! I hope your husband will find another job soon and you’ll all just be closer as a result of your difficult time.

    As for your blogging, I’m impressed. Keep going, Girl! 🙂

  5. Thank you all for the supportive comments. This has been theraputic for me for sure! I hope to report good news soon and be a source of strength for someone else going through this. Even though I have only met one of you face to face, I treasure you all in my close circle of friends. I feel a new blog coming on about the strength of friendships created through social media!

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