Have You Seen Your Homeowner Association Restrictions/Covenants?

Just recently I had a conversation with a Homeowner Association President about the payment of dues.   It seems that she was speaking with a new neighbor and the subject of the homeowner dues came up.  The new homeowner shared with the President that she was under the impression the dues were optional.  RUH ROH!  The dues for the whole subdivision are mandatory.  Where did this homeowner get this information?  The seller gave the info to their relocation company.  As I spoke with the the Association President I explained that this is just another reason that as a Buyers Agent I always obtain a copy of the Homeowner Association Restrictions/Covenants.  I believe that a prospective  homeowner should be able to view these and make sure they are happy with the bylaws that have been set in place.  Now this Association President has a new homeowner that owes dues they were not budgeted for.  This situation is not as horrid as some of the stories I have heard.  I have heard of new homeowners building covers at the end of their driveways for their boats, cars, etc., only to be told that they are not in compliance.  In these cases, the owners are forced to take down the structures.  Ouch!

As I state that, I would also like to state that the Homeowners Associations are not put in place to be a hindrance.  They are there to help keep the value of your property up.  You don’t want to live next to a hot pink and orange house do you? LOL  Seriously, these folks give their time and energy to make the places we live a place we like to call home.

Next time you get ready to buy a new home.  Be sure to ask your agent for a copy of the Homeowner Association Restrictions/Covenants.   It may save you some heartache later down the road.

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  1. My HOA keeps me from adopting a little herd of fainting goats. I’m sure my neighbors are really, really pleased about that “no livestock” rule. 😉

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