Fun Summers = Boating Safety

In less than a week my daughters have each had to face the death of one of their schoolmates.  Each of these young people were taken so tragically from us by accidental drownings.  Both of these drownings happened in the waterways we all have fun in most of the year. 

As a parent, these drownings have hit especially close to home with me.  Both of these young people were each one year older than my girls.  They were both doing things that we do as a family most weekends between March and October…Enjoying ourselves on the river. 

I know you all know this but I feel like I must remind you of some boating safety tips. 

  • If you are going to operate a boat or personal water craft, invest a few hours of your time in a safe boating course.
  • Please, if you will be operating a boat or participating in any water sports, DO NOT consume alcoholic beverages. 
  • When you are enjoying the water, wear a life vest at all times.
  • Do not dive head first into unknown waters.  Use a feet first entry especially when you can’t see the bottom.

Easter Weekend 012

These are just a few that immediately come to mind. 

 The American Red Cross  has  a great site with lots of water safety tips

The summer has not begun and we have lost two young lives.  Let’s all band together to make the summer safe.

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