Exercising my Parental Right

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As some of you know, my oldest daughter broke her foot three weeks ago.  During our first visit with the Orthopedist, the plan of action was laid out like this…We visit every week for x-rays, on week three they will take off the cast for a clean x-ray.  Depending on how the fracture is healing, they may put her in a boot.

Well, today was the third week visit.  The x-rays were taken and the intern reviewed them.  To my daughter’s horror, he suggested that a new cast be put back on.  The Doctor was called in and felt the same way.  After discussing the pro’s and con’s he turned to me and said that I would be the one to make the decision.  By the way, one of the con’s was that  if the bone moved we would have to go in and have it pinned in place!cutting a

Guess what decision I made.  As the Doctor listened to the banter between my daughter and I, watched the tears stream down her face, I finally said, “I am exercising my parental right and this is my final decision.” I don’t often use the parent card but today I felt that it was a must. Cast a

The Orthopedist did promise her that when we came back in two more weeks that she would get to have a boot.  She is not having a good first day of summer.  When she decides to speak to me again, I hope that I can get her to understand that I do understand at age 16 this is disastrous to her, but at age 40, two more weeks is not the end of the world.

Again, I came home and told my husband that I didn’t sign up for all of this. Again, he told me that I did…I just failed to read the fine print!  Thank goodness we have him to keep us grounded!

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  1. Sarah, She is a smart girl. She gets it now. Still not happy, but she gets it! Her friends decorated her cast so she it happy! I will only be at REBCPHL viral 🙁 I will be watching the live stream and of course on twitter! Just participating with you guys to get my blog going. You guys came with this at just the right time for me 🙂 Loves ya <3

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