What Goes Around Comes Around

This morning we visited a different church.

As the service started, the Pastor asked the congregation to speak to someone they did not know.  Well, being visitors we were surrounded by well wishers.  There was an elderly gentleman, full of life, that came to speak to us.  Immediately he looked so familiar to me. The name on his badge was very familiar also.  He asked me if he had seen me out at the local dance hall last night.  We laughed and I told him no but somehow I did know him.  After a few moments of trying to figure it out, we got it.  He was an administrator at my high school.  I immediately said, “You used to let me take your car to fill it up with gas!”  He then remembered me as well. 

A little while later, this gentleman got up to sing.  Before he sang he shared with the congregation the story of how he would get me out of class to go fill up his “pride and joy.”  Recounting the times we shared some 20+ years earlier.  Then he said, “Thank you.”  He began to sing his song and tears began to stream down my face.  His singing voice had not changed!  I was taken back to his office where I spent so many days.  (I would always find a way out of class to visit with him!)  My life was topsy turvy the last two years of high school.  Besides the craziness of being a teenager, I had problems at home that really ate at me.  He would always take the time to talk to me, try to guide me, but most of all…trust in me.  It was such an honor for me to get to take his car to the gas station.  We didn’t have nice cars and for someone to trust me to take their “pride and joy” made me feel like I was someone special.  I remebered him singing up and down the halls all the time.  It was such a peaceful sound.

As I sat this morning in church with my husband handing me his handkerchief and smiling from ear to ear, I wanted to stand up and say, “Thank YOU!”  I had always been grateful for the care this gentleman showed me.  Today, I felt like I had impacted his life as well.  All day I have been overjoyed. 

I am at a time in my life again that I need some direction.  I have asked God repeatedly lately to show me my purpose, I feel like sometimes I have lost sight.  This gentleman walking into my life some 20+ years later is definitely a sign.  God is working on me, just like I have asked.  Today, I am focused and grateful.

3 thoughts on “What Goes Around Comes Around

  1. Kristina,
    You were visited by an angel today. I know that sounds corny, but I have always been a believer in the power of the universe sending us gifts of guidance when we need them; the trick is seeing the gift!

  2. I agree with Lesley – and I’ve often thought that angels walk among us, ordinary people on the outside. You needed to hear that things do get better and God sent you someone who guided you in the past.

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