Headed to Philly…Virtually!

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Tomorrow is the start of REBar Camp Philly. [in a nut shell, Real Estate Bar Camp is a collection of the brightest Real Estate minds sharing their knowledge about technology, blogging, viral video, etc]  I woke up this morning and jumped on Twitter. All of my friends were chatting about their venture to Philly. I am so envious! I will be following the #Twitterqueens travels to Philly today! @HeyAmarettohas already made it to Delaware where @MayaREGuru has picked her up. @LesleyLambert is on her way now too!  I am following many other #Twitterqueens as they travel too.  There are too many to mention!

I have cleared my schedule for tomorrow morning so that I can watch the live stream on-line provided by @Dakno! (Have a closing in the afternoon… Can’t miss that!)  I also have already set up a special column on Tweet Deck so that I can follow all the excitement tweeted during #REBCPHL!

#Twitterqueens and all my other friends, travel safe and  I will be there with you – online! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me and we will have a drink together tomorrow evening!  How I love the power of technology and social media 🙂 

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