I've been "Quoted"!

Last week  I was contacted by a local newspaper writer.  He asked me if he could quote me on some of the things I had written on my blog.  They were going to run an article about the local housing market.  I thought for a minute…hmmm…Well YEA

Seems that this individual follows my blog through my Facebook Fan page Jambalaya Wire.

Today, while sitting in front of my computer I see Weekly Citizen stream through on Facebook.  I look a little closer and the link was about Ascension Parish Housing.  I click the link and find the article where I have been quoted!

Now, to me this is a big deal.  I have never been quoted before by any news agency.  The only quoting I get is usually from my children and they are usually quoting something that really should not have ever left the house 🙂

I have to say, in my humble opinion, the article is very well written and I am very pleased.  So tonight, I am basking in my 15 minutes of fame if you will.  Would you like to see what the excitement is all about?


ps. I did go to the nearest store a buy a few copies!  One for my broker and one to autograph for my husband 🙂

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