Did you just label me?

Control freak

It has been 10 years since I bought a new car.  After the last couple of weeks, I have been reminded of why it has taken me 10 years to even have the desire to look at a new car.  During my search I was called a “soccer mom” and a “control freak”.  These labels were not put on me by my husband…they were given out by two different car salesmen!  While test driving a Chevy, the car salesman told me that this was the vehicle for all “soccer moms”.  I proceeded to tell him to “shut his mouth”.  Maybe he doesn’t know what a “soccer mom” is and if not, he should gather his facts before labeling every woman with children that walk through the front door.  Just because I have children and take them to their after school activities does not make me a soccer mom.  I am a Real Estate Agent.  I work long hours and make my own money.  I run my household, keeping up with everyone’s schedules and making sure that my family has food on the table and clean clothes to wear.  I feel a rant coming on so I will stop.  To end this episode, I was offended. I don’t like labels and immediately turned the car around and told the salesman thank you for his time.  He is out…next.


Next…This is not much better.  I went to GMC to look at the sister vehicle of the Chevy.  I liked it.  We started to gather more information about this car.  From the very first meeting, I told this salesman that I liked the vehicle but was concerned because I didn’t think it would tow our boat and that we (my husband & myself) had not decided if that would be a deciding factor in our decision.  As I continued to do my research, I was feeling less likely that I would be happy for the long haul with this vehicle.  Let me interject here that upon meeting each and every salesperson they were told that we were shopping each and every brand since it had been 10 years since we had looked at a new vehicle.  With that being said, we did ask the GMC salesman to give us a price.  Not a negotiation, a final price.  I negotiate each and every day.  You know your bottom line, I know the range of your bottom line and I know my bottom line.  Let’s don’t waste time!  I wanted to compare pricing on this GMC and a Honda (which I knew would pull my boat).  Full disclosure on the table, the salesman gave me a price.  When I told him that I was just really concerned about the towing issue because I want to know that I can hook up to my boat and go if I want to I was responded to with this. “You are a control freak aren’t you?”  My response, “Yes and don’t you forget it.  It is what makes me exceptional at what I do.”  Guess what… he’s out…Next!


I am a woman…no doubt.  Am I a clueless?  Absolutely not!  I have done my research for a few months before getting the nerve to actually step foot on a lot.  (for above obvious reasons) Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a research addict.  I am also a “motorhead”.  A quality that my husband loves 🙂  I think the funniest thing that happened is while test driving I made the statement that this vehicle didn’t have the torque that my Durango has.  The salesman looked at me with a puzzled facial expression and said, “What?”


Purpose of this post?  Don’t make the assumption that because I have boobs that I am stupid and don’t know about cars.  Don’t make the assumption that because I drive my children to their after school activities I am a soccer mom. Don’t make the assumption that because I have done my research and know more than you think I do that I am a control freak.  Two dealerships lost my respect and possible business because of their sexist salesmen.   

4 thoughts on “Did you just label me?

  1. Just this morning a friend and I discussed how dangerous it is to label people. Once you do, you’ll only see what you expect to see from a “soccer mom” or “control freak” and miss out on the opportunities you’d get communicating with the real person. (And in this case, your business!)

  2. Sarah, you are so right about that. I despise labels. Especially when they are put on one by someone that doesn’t even know the person. I found it especially sad that these gentlemen found this appropriate conversation with me. I was there to possibly buy something! Oh well…I was already aware of what I say to my clients…now I am really aware of the words I choose. It was a good teaching lesson for my girls … choose your words wisely 🙂

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