The Car Shopping Terror Continues…

For those of you following my new car shopping experiences…the terror continues.  For those of you not familiar with my past horrors, you can catch up here…

Well, I have decided on a Honda Pilot.  After speaking to the local Honda dealership’s salesman and asking him to get me his best price…one shot deal…we found ourselves at the dealership looking at the vehicle they “ordered for me”.  Good sales tactic on their part if you are an emotional buyer.  Bad thing if you are like me and feel as if they are pushing you.  Strike One  Our salesman wanted us to speak to his sales manager.  Upon walking into the showroom we were met by a man that we had seen just a few minutes earlier.  He saw my husband’s shirt which had our boat logo and asked us if we had boat.  He then asked how big our boat was.  After telling him he proceeded to wave his hands in the air and dance around chanting “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!  I have a 30!”  I was dumbfounded! So many things raced through my mind…”Is he taunting us that he has a bigger boat?  Seriously?”  I could not speak. I looked at my husband and his reaction was about the same.  I finally heard the word “WOW” come out of my mouth.  Strike Two  Ok…now I am really regretting my decision to be here.  The more this man spoke, the more irritated I became.  In the course of the next couple of minutes, my husband senses my aggravation and tells the sales manager that we have not made a commitment and if someone comes to look at the vehicle that he “ordered for us without our approval”, to please go ahead and show it, sell it.  We understand that it is a chance we will take.  His response was this “Oh, Don’t worry, I will.  In fact, don’t be surprised if you come back this afternoon and it is gone”.  Ok, dude, have you not yet figured out that you will not win me over with the hard sell?  Strike three We said our goodbyes and made our way out the door.  I was still in shock over the way we were spoken to.  As I spoke to people around the community, I have learned that this is not the first time this sales manager has acted this way. So sad.

We have now done what we should have done in the first place.  We called our friend who is a Honda guy 80+ miles away.  Asked him to order what we have decided on.  I am a firm believer in keeping the business close to home.  Well, I tried, but the businesses close to home didn’t seem to care about me…they just wanted my money. 

This whole experience has opened my eyes.  As a salesperson, I hope that I have never treated any of my clients this way.  I pride myself on not being pushy or using hard sales tactics and I would never label someone or taunt them in any way. I want you to buy a home because you love it.  Not because it will help my numbers for the year.  I want you to love that home and be able to tell your friends and family that your experience was not only fun but enjoyable.  This is the biggest purchase of your life…let’s make it a great memory.

If you are a car guy reading this… Change your tactics.  Learn to read your customers. This is the 21st Century, we are educated and don’t want to play your games.

2 thoughts on “The Car Shopping Terror Continues…

  1. Dealers in general are really behind in realizing what works with customers and what doesn’t. Likely the reason is that often when people are car shopping they HAVE TO have a car, because of an accident, or the repair bills on the old car are too high. They ignore these tactics to get the car they want, so it appears that the sales techniques work.
    Glad you went elsewhere.

  2. OM-Blankety-blanking-G!! Kristina….how you didnt show back up with gun and a can of gasoline, I dont know!

    Loved talking to you today!!!! Love you more than chocolate!!

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