Should I List My Home During The Holidays?

I have recently had a few potential sellers ask me if they should list their home during the holidays.  My first response is “Why shouldn’t you?”  Here are five reasons that I believe the holidays are a great time to list your home.

  1. Families like to take advantage of their children’s semester break to make a move.
  2. The buyers that are out looking are serious about making a move.  These are different buyers than the “looky loos” we get in the springtime.
  3. The tax credit has been extended for first time home-buyers and expanded to include “long time residents”.  This means more motivation to actually make a decision.
  4. Lots of people new to the area will be driving around while they are visiting loved ones.  Your home may be perfect for your neighbor’s Cousin Sally!
  5. Honestly, when is your home more beautiful that when it is decorated for the holidays?

I know that schedules are hectic during this time.  That is the number one objection I receive when speaking with a prospective seller.  If you will be out of town a lot.  This actually makes the showing process a lot easier.  You won’t be bothered with having to leave for showings.  If you will be home and have company staying with you, we will do our best to accommodate both you and the prospective buyer.

What about those holiday decorations?  Make your home beautiful!  Keep in mind that you want the prospective buyers to see your home, not your stuff.  You want your home to feel roomy so be careful not to over-do the decorations. We can help you to decide how much is too much.

Typically, there is a smaller inventory during the holidays.  Take advantage of this and have your beautiful home sparkle on the top of a buyers list!

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