2009 A year of speed bumps and road blocks

2009…it’s almost over.  As I sat down to write this, the first words to hit the keyboard were this. “Thank God this year is over. I am so ready for a New Year!” As I sifted through the past months in my mind, I pulled up the thoughts of seeing friends, family and strangers struggle with hardships, grief, pain and so much more.  Again the thought of “Thank God this year is over. I am so ready for a New Year!” crossed my mind.

As I thought about each of these challenges a little more, I found myself doing some deep searching.  All of these things that my family faced were actually blessings in disguise.  Everything happens for a reason, we all have been told this, we all know this.  I am here to tell you that this is very true.  I think that each of the things we faced this past year were sent as wake up calls.   We get so busy in our everyday lives that we tend to operate well within our comfort zone.  This year, we were forced to function outside of our comfort zone and the results were amazing! After facing each speed bump or road block, we were stronger, wiser and genuinely better.  This is true with both our personal and professional lives.

As I think about my friends and others, their stories are much similar.  They finished the year with stronger families, stronger marriages, better jobs, better health and a renewed faith in God.  As I wrote in Growing Pains, we are experiencing a “growth spurt”.  I now view 2009 as a year of growth. Growth is always a great thing.  I only hope that 2010 will bring the life lessons  that helped us to grow and the new friendships that are truly treasured.  I know that I have changed and I like the change!

I will enter 2010 with the intention of operating outside of my comfort zone, will you?

May 2010 bring you much love, happiness and prosperity.  Happy New Year!

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