There's A Heart Behind the "Big Brown Truck"

Forgive me for the plug I am about to give UPS.  After you read this, you will understand why this has been on my heart to shout above the rooftops what a great company this is. 

It was 9:00 am on Christmas Eve.  I received a call from UPS.  They were inquiring about a forwarding address for the owners of a home I had sold back in September.  The nice lady on the other end of the line was calling from the local Gonzales, LA office of UPS.  She asked me if I had a forwarding address for the former owners of the property.  She said that she Googled their name and found that I had been the listing agent of the property!  The package looked like a Christmas gift and they were trying desperately to get it delivered before the close of business.

 computer search

Unfortunately, the owners were not close.  They had moved out of town.  I gave her the information I had and she said that she would take care of the rest. 

I was so impressed.  Someone took the time to track these people down.  Instead of just sending the package back to the sender, someone used technology to make sure this package was delivered. I hung up the phone and vowed to use UPS whenever possible from this point forward. 

(This is especially impressive to me now that my nine year old daughter has still not received the Christmas card from her grandparents in Maryland.  It was sent USPS a week before Christmas.)

Props to the UPS employee that took the time to do some research on this lonely package.  She gave me the best Christmas present of all!

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