Ascension Parish Real Estate Market Stats for April 2010

Monthly Sales were 126 units. Comparison to last month:  Decreased 5% from 133 units.  Comparison to this month last year: Increased 13% from 110 Units.

Average Sold Price was $215,954.  Comparison to last month:  Increased 4% from $206,398.  Comparison to this month last year: Increased 4% from $206,370.

Current Inventory is 5.13 months.  Comparison to last month:  Increased from 4.86 months.  Comparison to this month last year: Decreased from 5.91 months.

Average Days on Market were 81.  Comparison to last month:  Decreased from 92 days.  Comparison to this month last year: Decreased from 91 days.

So what do all these numbers mean?  Average sales prices are up and average days on the market are down… Looks like real estate in Ascension Parish is still holding its own!

Remember, the tax credit expired on April 30, 2010.  Knowing that, I wondered what the pending activity was for April.  185 properties in Ascension Parish went under contract compared to 146 in March.  I think we will see the average sales prices fall in May because of the number of First Time Home Buyers that took last minute advantage of the tax credite.  Interesting times ahead!

These stats are for areas 90,91 & 92 in Ascension Parish. Information used from Greater Baton Rouge MLS.  They include only single family dwellings.  Mobile home and land sales are not part of these numbers.  If you would like information on either of these, feel free to let me know.

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