I Can Do This…I Saw The Video On YouTube!

Two days before New Years Day I decided I wanted bangs. They are coming back in style… right?  Of course, I decided that I wanted them and I wanted them NOW! No time to wait for a hair appointment and I didn’t want to spend the extra money anyway. Any of this sounding familiar to you? Well, that evening I decided that I was going to do it myself. I hopped on YouTube and searched “How To Cut Your Own Bangs”. Watching the videos, I thought well, this is simple. I can do this! Discounting all the posts that warned me I was treading in unknown waters I decided that I wanted bangs NOW! The next morning I enlisted the help of my oldest daughter. She laughed at me when I told her that “I watched it on YouTube. I can do this.”  Actually, I think she even said, “You, of all people, should know better. Just because you read/watch it on the internet doesn’t mean you can do it successfully. Please just wait until you can go see Krystle.” (smart kid)

There’s a point to all of this… I promise!Woman Trimming Bangs

As soon as I finished chopping away at my hair, all I could think of was a blog post written by my friend over at West Bank Living, Lisa Heindel, entitled “I’m not Miss Clairol, You are not a Realtor”  In a nutshell, she compared coloring her own hair to trying to sell your home For Sale By Owner when you have no real estate experience.

DIY has exploded with the popularity of YouTube. You can watch videos of just about anything you want to try to do yourself. Hey, I did!  Here enlies, the problem. Since I did not have experience as a hairdresser, my goal of beautiful bangs will have to wait.

1. I will now have to wait even longer for a hair appointment.

2. It may cost more than my regular hair appointment if I have to see someone other than my regular stylist.

3. I have to walk around with these crazy bangs until they grow out some more!

If I had only waited for professional help…

I completely understand the urge to DIY when selling your home. Just think about these things before you do.

1. Missing the goal date of your sale because you may not have all the avenues to advertise that a Realtor® does. We really do more than put a sign in your yard and put your home in the MLS.

2. Selling your home for less because you don’t have all the necessary information to price your home correctly or to negotiate properly.

3. Missed time off of work or family outings to accommodate the showings for buyers who can’t work around your schedule.

Those are just a few things to think about. To quote my friend, “I learned my lesson the hard way. You don’t have to.” 

P.S. I will be calling my hairdresser first thing in the morning!

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