Girl Scout Cookies…There’s An App For That!

It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! I know this because lots of the little girls I know have been updating on their Mother’s Facebook Status letting me know that they were accepting pre-orders for their heavenly little treasures. Tonight we had our first door knocker peddling her yummy goodness. All this talk about cookies made me think about searching for a Girl Scout Cookie page on Facebook. I found it! Immediately I see a box that says “Go To App”… Well, I had to see what that was all about! You know those apps that let you send hugs and such? You can now send virtual Girl Scout Cookies to your friends Facebook wall! What??? How cool is that…or not. Talk about testing my will-power! If my friends send me Thin Mint and Samoas online all day, I will never be able to resist these little heavenly treats! ps. I have already sent cookies to a few of my friends via Facebook 🙂  Girl Scout Cookies App

Being curious after I saw that, I immediately picked up my iPhone. Guess what?! There’s an app for that! Seriously! There is a Girl Scout Cookie app! It’s a free app and you can locate cookies, learn about the cookies and even learn your cookie personality! Apparently, I am popular, strong and confident!

The Girl Scouts are doing a good job with their online presence. Here are some other places to find the Girl Scouts online:




On their webpage you can enter your zip code and they will help you place an order online!

When a Girl Scout approaches you to buy cookies, I ask you to help support her troop. They work really hard at this. If you don’t want cookies for yourself, they are also taking orders to send to the troops. Donate $3.50 to send a box of cookies to a military person fighting for our freedom.

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