Looking For An Awesome Orthodontist In Prairieville, Baton Rouge Or Denham Springs?

Dr. Vance Misuraca is the answer. I have two children going through Orthodontic Treatment with him right now. My oldest is on her third round of braces. I truly believe that since we found Dr. Misuraca, this will be our last time.misuraca0002

My youngest is very nervous and on a scale of 1-5 has a pain tolerance of 0. She has been in treatment with Dr. Misuraca for six months now. They are expanding her palate. OUCH! When they were installing her appliance the staff was so accommodating to her. They knew that she was uncomfortable and really took their time and explained every single process as they proceeded. After that visit, we received a hand written note in the mail from them. They wrote her a little note of encouragement! I was blown away at the thoughtfulness of that gesture.

A few weeks ago we were there again and plans got changed. She has to have another expander placed to move her palate some more. There was a lot of work involved in her mouth that day. Some of it was very uncomfortable for her. The next day she received ANOTHER hand written note of encouragement! WOW!  misuraca0001

I personally can attest to the fact that Dr. Misuraca and his staff truly care about their patients. They have always taken all the time needed to make my children feel comfortable and the fact that they are taking the time to write notes of encouragement to the children that are less that thrilled to be there says a lot about their character.

You can find out more about Dr. Misuraca and his staff on their website: http://www.misuracaorthodontics.com

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