Neighbors in Galvez need help rescuing a dog

**UPDATE** The dog has been rescued!

This story aired on the news last night.

I am saddened by what seems to be the lack of support from authorities in our Parish.

Seems that there is a dog stuck in the drainage system in Norwood Lakes. He was there last week while we had those days of below freezing temperatures. The neighbors have been feeding him and have asked for assistance in rescuing him. They were given a pole with a loop at theaaDSC_1842 end… Doesn’t make much sense to me.   If any of you know anyone that can help, please, please go out and see what you can do.  This poor animal needs our help. I understand that he has now become very quiet and is not eating. The clock is ticking for this helpless creature.

To see more of the story from WAFB click here

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