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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a Friday evening at Corks and Canvas on Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge with friends. I chose a Mardi Gras themed Fleur-de-lis class. Of course I chose a three hour class for my first painting experience instead of one of the simpler two hour classes! I was really fleur de lismore excited about hanging out with my friends and drinking lots of wine! The evening started off pretty anxiously for me. You see, I am a perfectionist. 5 minutes into the class I was super stressed! I am not artistic and was terribly overwhelmed. ::sip wine:: ::deep breath:: I relaxed a little and decided that I was giving this way to much thought! The instructors were beyond amazing! They walked us through each step giving us ample time to complete that section before moving forward. I did fall behind a couple of times but had plenty of time at the end to catch up and finish my painting. After each section was shown to us, the instructors turned on some music and walked around helping out with painting and more importantly, moral support! Fast forward three fantastic, fun three hours…. I had a wonderful time! That glass of wine I poured at the beginning; It still had wine in it. I was so involved in my painting, I forgot to enjoy my wine! I truly have NO artistic abilities and had a blast. I highly recommend taking a night withphoto (3) daughters, friends or co-workers to have some fun at Corks N Canvas in Baton Rouge.

Here is my painting hanging over my mantle… What do you think?

Check out their website: Corks N Canvas

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