Let’s Recycle Ascension Parish!

Do you live in Ascension Parish?

Do you Recycle?

Most people here do not recycle because we do not have curbside recycle service. There is a way to recycle but it takes a little bit of effort. You can collect your recyclable materials and drop them off at the Ascension Parish Recycling Center  located at 42077 ChurchPoint Road.

OR… You can contact Cajun Recycling for curbside service! The service the area about once a week for approximately $11.00 a month! With gas being $4.00/gallon you will save that $11.00 quickly depending on where you live! Get together with your HOA representative and sign up your neighborhood for a discount!

Let’s all do our part to preserve this great place we live and make Mother Earth smile at the same time!

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