Ascension Parish Real Estate Market Stats for May 2011

Monthly Sales were 109 units. Comparison to last month:  Increased 30% from 84 units.  Comparison to this month last year: Decreased 29% from 153 Units.

Average Sold Price was $189,704.  Comparison to last month:  Decreased 8% from $205,591.  Comparison to this month last year: Held steady compared to $188,863.

Current Inventory is 6.22 months.  Comparison to last month:  Decreased from 8.29 months.  Comparison to this month last year: Increased from 4.58 months.

Average Days on Market were 100. Comparison to last month:  Decreased from 105 days.  Comparison to this month last year: Increased from 73 days.

So what do all these numbers mean?                                  

It was great to see the units sold climb the way they did!  As for average sales price 49 of the homes sold were homes in the DSLD developments. These developments are known for their lower price per square foot. Lower inventory is a great sign for our recovery as well. I would like to see this number go even lower. As for Average Days on Market I am happy to see that homes are continuing to move. Remember, if you are comparing May 2011 to May 2010 the numbers will be skewed. In May 2011 the buyers were still running to close to be able to claim their tax credits.

The market is still catered towards the buyers so if you are selling, be sure to have your home in great condition. Sellers are receiving 98.15% of their list price in Ascension Parish as of May 2011.

These stats are for areas 90, 91 & 92 in Ascension Parish. Information used from Greater Baton Rouge MLS.  They include only single family dwellings.  Mobile home and land sales are not part of these numbers.  If you would like information on either of these, feel free to let me know.

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