It’s My Birthday And I Have A Wish List!

It really is my birthday this month! Yay!

I love birthdays! I really do have a wish list I would like to share with you also!

This year, July 24, I will turn 43. In celebration of 43 years of life, I would like to give back. I am on a quest to collect 43 uniforms for the children of Ascension Parish. As a mother of school children, I know how expensive these uniforms can be and how hard it is to budget for them when school rolls around again in the Fall.

I have been in contact with Volunteer Ascension and they tell me that St. Vincent dePaul can buy a new uniform for about $12.00. My mission this year is to collect enough new uniforms or monies to buy uniforms to equal 43 complete new uniforms for the children in our parish. Every child needs a couple new uniforms to start the school year. It just makes the feel better to wear new clothes to school like most of their other classmates.

Many of us have children in school and we have uniforms left over from last year that are too small. I will also be collecting used uniforms to give to the schools as well. If you would like to help make my birthday spectacular, please consider donating to my school uniform drive. My hope is to deliver to Volunteer Ascension on Friday, July 22, 2011.

Shoot me a message at and we can coordinate a pick up or I can give you an address.

Thank you for helping make my birthday super special this year!

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