Prairieville LA 70769 | February 2012 Home Sales and Real Estate Market Review

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Homes Sold in Prairieville LA

Home sales in Prairieville are starting off strong in 2012. 52 units compared to 35 last year in February.








Home Prices in Prairieville LA

The most active price range to close in Prairieville in February was $200,000-219,999 with $170,000-$179,999 and $180,000-$189,999 tying for second.

The average sales price in February was $240,976 which is up 17% from $205,399 compared to February of 2011.







Information used from Greater Baton Rouge MLS.  They include only single family dwellings. Manufactured homes, Land and Commercial sales are not part of these numbers.  



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