How To Completely Update An Old Lamp

We are in the beginning stages of a house makeover. I wanted to start with some small changes while I am deciding on some of the bigger ones so I called my friend Anne Holliday who stages some of my listings for me. I have always admired her work and her ability to use the items people have already to keep the process budget friendly. Check out her FaceBook page here.

While walking through my living room she mentioned that I needed some lamps. Lamps? I always associated lamps with old people! A few minutes later, my husband re-appears with this old brassy lamp that has been in our attic for 15 years. “Like, one like this?” he asks? My face immediately twists up in horror and Anne quickly calmed me down and told me how I could paint this and make it so cute and updated. I agreed to give it a try since they had been in the attic and I was going to give them away at some point anyway.

I went to Home Depot and decided on a neutral color of spray paint, taped up some areas I didn’t want to paint, got a drop cloth and headed outside to play with spray paint. Who doesn’t love to spray paint stuff?!  Y’all! I was completely amazed at how this was looking and how easy it was! I was really getting excited!

As I finished, I thought it needed a little something around the decorative areas and remembered that Anne told me to wipe some wood stain there to give it some dimension. As I was wiping the stain, the paint started to come off…probably because I did this step right after painting and didn’t let the paint cure. Anyways, the brass started coming through and I LOVED the look!


The hardest part of this for me was choosing a lamp shade. My husband finally made the decision and reluctantly I went with it. Shocker….He was spot on! (Please don’t share with him that I actually admitted he was right!) The lamp now has a new home on a sewing desk my grandmother bought for my mother that I just can’t seem to part with. It makes a great entryway table! There is a matching lamp still up in the attic. I think I will re-purpose that one for a bedside lamp next.

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