Should I Sell My Baton Rouge / Prairieville Home During The Holidays?

Every year as the holidays quickly approach I get asked lots of questions about having your house on the market. “Should i sell my Baton Rouge / Prairieville home during the holidays”? I wanted to address a few of those questions here.

1. Should I take my house off the market and wait for spring?
The short answer is NO! Here’s why… Inventory is typically lower during the winter. You won’t have as much competition. Also, it’s true there are fewer buyers but the buyers that are out are serious buyers. Not the tire kickers you will have during the spring. Don’t miss this opportunity!
2. Should I decorate?
Please do!!! Touch the buyer’s emotional senses with a beautifully holiday-decorated home. Put up a tree, place some poinsettias out, set out some of your beautiful decorations, place some pretty Christmas towels in the bathrooms and put some lights outside. Just don’t overdo it. Make sure it doesn’t get too cluttered and hard for buyers to move around.
3. How do I handle showings?

Just like always. If you have an evening showing, turn on your outside lights as well as the interior lights. You know how beautiful your home is with all the Christmas lights turned on. What great curb appeal! Leave out some Christmas cookies for the buyer and simmer some holiday potpourri on the stove before you leave.

4. Is it safe to show my house during the holidays?
This is a great question. The answer is yes. Buyers will always be accompanied by a licensed agent. For the holidays it will be great to have some gifts wrapped under the tree. As with all showings during the year, I advise that you put away your valuables, any prescription medications and lock up any firearms.

If you would like to talk to me more about marketing your home during the holidays, give me a shout at
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Merry Christmas! 🎄

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