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Home Staging… Huh?

If you have been thinking of selling your Prairieville / Baton Rouge home and have been doing some research online, you have certainly come across the term “home staging”.

According to Forbes magazine, a first impression is made in about seven seconds.
This is why it is so important to have great curb appeal. If you wow the buyers when they drive up the driveway you have started to win. The next step is to wow them when they enter your home. How do you achieve that? With Home Staging of course!

What exactly is home staging?

Staging is different than interior design. I often have sellers tell me they don’t need a stager because they used an interior designer to decorate their home. Home staging takes your taste specific decor out and neutralizes the home to appeal to a broader range of buyers. I was recently showing a home to a prospective buyer and there was a bedroom that was painted purple and gold. It was very well done but it turned my b

uyer off. This was the first bedroom she saw and immediately started deducting the cost of repainting from the price of the home. As great as it was, she wasn’t interested in having an LSU themed bedroom in her home.

Is staging expensive?

Statistics tell us that staged homes sell faster and for higher prices than non-staged homes. If you take into account another month’s mortgage payment, insurance and utilities, etc. You will find that paying a stager is just a fraction of that cost. Referring to the LSU room we just spoke about; that wasn’t the only thing that deterred the buyer but it certainly stood out. The buyer labeled that house the LSU house from that point forward. Having that room painted a neutral color may have saved the sale.

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How do you stage a home?

A few quick tips I can give you are to declutter. Minimize everything in every room. A staged house is not the same as a house you live in. It will take some getting used to. W


ho knows, you may learn to like the minimalist living! If you have brightly colored walls, paint them a more neutral color. One of my favorite wall colors right now is Ballet White by Benjamin Moore. I recently painted my house this color. Make easy walkways through your home. Think of how a buyer will be walking through when they are looking. Make it easy and inviting for them.

We use stagers as part of our marketing plan when we list your home. Contact us and let us tell you how we can help you out!

*Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

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