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2017 Made My Heart Smile

As we wrap up another year, I would like to take a few moments and look back at the year and remind myself of all the good things that happened in real estate. This business can beat you down if you let it, so I have decided that I will always remember to focus on the right things. Let’s take a walk down memory lane for some feel-good stories…

I started 2017 by helping the sister of a friend purchase her first home.

She is a single mother of 4 that had never owned her own home. The trailer she was living in flooded in the August 2016 flood, and she and her children had been living with friends. We missed out on a couple of homes, and we saw some bad ones. When the perfect house became available, we jumped on it! Inspections went great and the closing day was super smooth. The pride on my buyer’s face when she signed the papers was priceless. The texts that I still receive about how much she and her children love the house always put a smile on my face.

I was also able to help three other people start their journey of home ownership.

I genuinely love first-time home buyers. Their enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge of the process excite me. Maybe it’s the nurturing mother part that gets ignited. To see the pride when they sign papers and the excitement when they get the keys reminds me of why I do what I do.

Not all of our transactions are happy ones.

I was asked to sell a home for a client who had lost her grandfather. Her mother and father had also flooded, and along with a team Crescent City Living, we helped them gut their house. You see, the mother was finishing up chemo treatments and had just lost her father. It took them a while to get ready to sell, and it was emotional. The buyer was a first-time home buyer, and that made my seller happy. She (seller) met me at the house right before closing to pick up my sign and lock-box so she could have a few minutes to close the chapter. At the closing, she was so excited for the buyer and her plans for the house. New memories were about to be made in this home.

I was also asked to sell a house for my friends’ mother. Their mom had Alzheimer’s and had gotten to the point that she needed more care than they were able to give. They needed to proceeds to help with care expenses for their mom. I’ll tell you, every moment during these transactions I felt so grateful for the opportunity to help. It’s very humbling to be chosen to help under such circumstances. Being able to help take the burden off of families during these kinds of situations is a great feeling.

I also got to help my daughter and new son in law purchase the property of their dreams.newlywed homebuyers in geismar

They found a home sitting on 3.5 acres in a fantastic school district and only minutes away from where they work. The fun started 2 weeks before their wedding. Who writes an offer on a new house 2 weeks before they get married? Apparently, my kids do! They weren’t worried…Mom had it under control. Have you ever been around a mother of the bride two weeks before a wedding? (Shake my husband’s hand if you ever meet him!) We had a few little hiccups, and I had to call them on their honeymoon but all worked out, and they were able to close two weeks after their wedding. The seller even brought them the tractor he used to maintain the acreage. What a wonderful gift! They also left the sweetest note and a bottle of wine in the fridge for them.

Every transaction brings its excitement, and I am genuinely grateful for every one. These are just a few that stood out for me this year.

You see, these are the stories that I will refer back to when I have days that make me wonder what the hell I have gotten myself into as I pour another glass of wine.

I almost forgot! One of the other exciting things that happened this year is that I passed my Broker’s Exam! Yep! Stay tuned for more about that in 2018!

Lea Böhm

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