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Packing Your Home For A Household Move

How to start packing your home

Moving is stressful and oh so overwhelming. A lot of the stress comes from packing up the entire house. Having a plan to start packing your home will help that. Know what you will need and how to do it before packing one single box will reduce your stress.

Start with a list

Before you pack the first box, make a list of supplies you will need. Do you have a lot of breakables that will need to be protected? Add bubble wrap to your list if so. What about box sizes? You don’t want boxes that are too big and will be heavy to move. Save the bigger boxes for things like comforters or better yet, use those comforters as padding for breakables! Check out these box labels on Amazon. (Some of our clients have been surprised with these when they are getting ready to move!)packing your home

Let’s Talk Boxes

Of course, you can always go to a big box store or order boxes online. Who wants to spend their money on that? Try asking on FaceBook for boxes. You will be surprised who has leads on boxes! Also, post your need on the NextDoor app. If someone in your area just moved in, they will be happy for you to take away the boxes for them. You can also ask grocery stores for boxes. Just make sure the boxes are sturdy if you are using used boxes. Tape the bottoms if necessary.

It’s Time To Purge

One of the great things about packing up to move is that you have the opportunity to purge some things you don’t need. Instead of just throwing everything in a box, go through your things carefully and decide if those things need to make a move to your new home. Set an area in your home for the things you will be purging. You now have a great opportunity to have a garage sale and make some extra cash or just pack it all up and donate it. There are lots of homeless shelters/batter women shelters and resale shops that will love to have your hand me downs.

Room by Room

Pack up one room at a time. This way packing your home won’t feel so overwhelming. Let the kids help with their rooms. Make a game of it, and it won’t be so traumatic for them. Be sure to pack a box of “essentials” so you won’t have to dig through the boxes when you get to your new home.

We hope this helps! Let us know if you need any assistance in selling your home so that you can use this guide or if you need assistance in purchasing a new home so you can pack up that apartment. Happy Packing!

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