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Photography Tips To Sell Your Prairieville / Baton Rouge Home

If you are about to put your house on the market, you need to think about some photography tips to sell your Prairieville / Baton Rouge home. Let us help you out.

Professional Photos

Let’s face it, owning a DSLR doesn’t make you or your listing agent a professional photographer. There’s so much more than point and shoot. ISO setting, shutter speeds, light balance, camera position, etc. Ask your agent if they hire a professional photographer to photograph your home. Remember, the internet is the first showing you will have, and you have to make a great first impression there so the prospective buyer will make an appointment to visit your home in person.

st amant home for sale  st amant home for sale

Which house would you call to make an appointment to see? 

Lighten up

Help out the photographer and open the blinds and turn on the lights. Lots of light will make the photos spectacular. Turn off the ceiling fans too while you are flipping the lights on. If you have great views, the photographer will want to capture those through the windows so pull up the blinds in those rooms. A great photographer will give you magazine quality photos with the right lighting.


We recently wrote a blog about staging. As well as staging your home for showings, you will want to stage for pictures as well. Remember, first showings are online! If you have some empty rooms or your house is entirely vacant, and you won’t be staging with furniture, ask your photographer about virtual staging. Our photographer does a fantastic job of virtual staging. Virtual staging will let a prospective buyer see what a room can look like when they can’t imagine it themselves.

We know you are anxious to get your home on the market and we are eager to help you. Please understand that when we want everything to be perfect before sending out the photographer is because we want everything to be fabulous in your pictures. Get all of your painting done, make all of your repairs and clean up the interior as well as the exterior. Your photos will be fabulous, and your house will sell fast and for the most amount of money!

If you would like to talk to us more about photography tips to sell your Prairieville / Baton Rouge home or about selling your home, contact us today!

Featured Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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