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Protect Your Home & Family From Fire

Due to the extreme increase in house fires, I thought it might be a good idea to remind everyone of some tips to help protect your home and family from fire.

Here in South Louisiana, we are not used to extreme cold during the winter. Our typical winters are a low of mid 40’s and a high of mid 60’s. We have experienced many nights of below-freezing temps. We even had 5″ of snow here in Prairieville! Along with the extreme cold, we have had many house fires. A few of them even claiming the lives of their inhabitants. It’s heartbreaking to see this on the news in the evenings.

Heating your home

Did you know that heating is one of the top causes of house fires during December – February?
Space Heaters are the most prominent culprit here. As a reminder, please be careful when using space heaters.
*Keep them at least three feet away from flammables like blankets and other bedding, as well as couches and other upholstered furniture.
*Keep at three-foot “kid-free” zone around the heating device whether it is a space heater or a fireplace.
*Extension cords and space heaters do not mix.
*Turn off the space heater when leaving the room or going to bed.


*If you are lighting fires in your woodburning fireplace, be sure you have had the chimney cleaned. The creasote the builds up in the chimney can be very flammable.
*Have a screen in front of your fireplace to keep sparks from flying into the room.

Smoke Detectors

smoke detector

*Make sure every sleeping area has a smoke alarm.
*Check your smoke detectors monthly.
*Change the batteries when you change the time during the spring and fall.
*Make sure your family has a fire escape plan and practice it with your family members.
*The NFPA has an Escape Planning Grid you can download.

Do you need a Smoke Detector? You can apply for a free one through Operation Save a Life

We have some more freezing temps headed our way. I want you all to stay warm and safe!

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