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Downtown Gonzales: What Is There To Do?

When was the last time you went to Downtown Gonzales? Oh, yea; Gonzales doesn’t really have a downtown do they?

When we were looking to open our new office, we thought we would love to have an office right on Burnside. How cool would it have been to have a quaint little office where we could walk to lunch and have local artists come in and set up pop up shops! I had heard that there was a push to create a Main Street District to renew Downtown Gonzales. How Exciting it would be to be part of that! Unfortunately, we didn’t find a space that would work for us, and we needed something quickly. We are hoping that the Master Plan of a mile long downtown will come to fruition soon.

Gonzales may not have a traditional downtown area,

Spray Park at Jambalaya Park in Gonzales LA

but they do have a fabulous space known as Jambalaya Park. Jambalaya Park hosts a community swimming pool. You can spend time swimming (for a nominal fee), take swimming lessons, or join the swim team. If swimming isn’t your thing, you can visit the spray park. Admission to the spray park is free. It is closed on Monday for cleaning but otherwise open to the public. Jambalaya Park also has a great playground area as well as an amphitheater. You can find free concerts at the amphitheater on Sundays for Music in the Park. Bring your lawn chairs and listen to some great music and meet up with friends.

If you need a playground with some specialized equipment, head on down to Kidz Kove at 118 S. Francois. Its focus is on additional equipment for children with physical or sensory developmental challenges, with specialized equipment to facilitate their play experiences. Kidz Kove is an “all access” park so siblings can play together.World famous Gonzales jambalaya cooked in a black iron pot

Memorial Day weekend is big for Gonzales. The Jambalaya Festival is always that weekend and features carnival rides, jambalaya cookoffs, free concerts and lots of fun. If you haven’t been to the Gonzales Jambalaya Festival, this is the year you should make that happen!

You see, just because we don’t have a traditional downtown Gonzales, doesn’t mean we are boring.

Gonzales has lots of fun things within just a few blocks of the old “downtown” area. Come check out the Jambalaya Capital of the World!

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