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When Does The Spring Market Start In Prairieville?

It’s hard to believe that just last week here in Prairieville we saw temperatures in the teens and it stayed below freezing for a couple of days. Being so cold had us dreaming of Spring Time. In real estate, we usually embrace the slow month of January to get ready for our busy season, the Spring market.

When does the Spring market start in Prairieville?

We start to see an uptick in buyers as early as mid-February. Many people start receiving their income tax refunds and use those fund to help with down payments. For households that have kids in school, we see an increase in new listings mid-March through April. This is because the school year ends toward the end of May and the timing allows kids to finish out the school year.

We find April and May to be the height of the Spring market in Prairieville.

If you are thinking of selling your home now is the time to start prepping.

What is the condition of your roof? If it is near the end of its life you should think about replacing it before hitting the market. A bad roof is something that will make buyers walk away. If they do make an offer, they will hit you with the cost of replacing. Also, you could find yourself having to replace it anyway if the appraiser reports that it has less than three years life left.

What is the condition of your HVAC system? Buyers will expect your HVAC to be working at full capacity.

home inspection

How does your landscaping look? Remember when we talked about curb appeal? Lovely landscaping greeting your buyers as they drive up will evoke good emotions that will carry with them as they view the interior of your property.


Pre-Listing Inspection. This will help you greatly! Having your home inspected by a licensed inspector will show you what deficiencies the buyer’s inspector will most likely find. Taking care of these repairs up front will help to ensure a smooth sale.


If you want to sell your house during the hot spring market, buckle up.

Be prepared for multiple showings a day! If you have a great house, the buyers will be clamoring to get in. Don’t let the number of showings the first couple of days scare you. If you have a spectacular house, be prepared for multiple offers within the first 24 hours! This is how the spring market works! Always remember to let your agent guide you. He/She is well trained and can help you through the madness while keeping your anxiety levels down.

The spring market in Prairieville is fun! The weather is excellent, the flowers are blooming, and buyers are out looking for their perfect home.

If you need some help finding a local Prairieville Inspector or just some general advice give us a shout. We will be happy to help!

Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash
Photo by Daryn Stumbaugh on Unsplash

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