What’s The Word Wednesday: Simplicity

Ahhh…. Simplicity…The good ole days. The days when things seemed easier.

I feel like maybe we are headed back that way, at least when it comes to decorating our homes. There is a big trend of being Minimalist. Maybe you have heard people talking about it. It took a bit for me to come around to the thinking of being minimalist but I have to admit it is intriguing me more and more each day.

simplicity vase on yellow background

Photo by SnapbyThree MY on Unsplash


I remember a few years ago I joined a Facebook Group called 365 Days of Eliminating Crap. What I loved about this group was that we only had to eliminate one item or one group of items per day. If you tackled a whole room you got kicked out. One thing was simple enough. I still belong to this group and being part of the group has made me make a conscious effort every day to eliminate something I don’t need. Sometimes it’s just a piece of junk mail but hey, at least it’s not still sitting on the counter! Simplicity.

When we look at homes with buyers, most sellers have decluttered and staged their home to show off the spaciousness. Simplicity. A buyer will be able to envision their own belongings and see their family in the home. A large island with a beautiful focal point really gets me excited. Clean countertops with maybe a bottle of wine and some glasses make me want to just relax there for a bit.

I wonder if coming home to a house with too much stuff has increased our anxiety? It seems the more we have, the more we want and the more anxious we have become. I know that as I have started to try to live minimally, my anxiety has decreased. There isn’t as much to take care of so I have more time to spend with my family, relax, just breathe.

Simplicity. Definitely, something to think about. Less really is More.

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