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Organization, Like It Or Not

It’s that time of the year; time for Organization.

Every year begins with the stores full of organizational totes, boxes, and other exciting organization helpers. How do you organize a house that has been a free for all for years?

Let’s get started

The first suggestion we have is to choose an area. Not a whole room, just an area. If you have a lot to organize, trying to tackle too much will be overwhelming.

The Pantry

organized pantryLet’s start here. Everyone I know has a cluttered pantry! Like all other projects, clear out the area you are trying to organize. In the pantry, separate your items; canned beans, tomato sauces, etc. Think about the isles in the grocery store. I am typically not a big fan of storage bins because I find that they enable me to keep things I don’t need. In the pantry though, they are great. Use some smaller storage baskets to group smaller loose things. You know, like those little McCormick packages of seasonings! As you are grouping these things, take a look at the expiration dates. If they are expired, toss them now. Do not give them to the food bank, they will just toss them. They can’t give out food with expired dates.

Your Closet

I thought about showing you what my closet looks like right now. Then I thought better of it. It’s definitely time for me to have another closet organization day. Again, take everything out of your closet. This may be a day-long project so don’t start this an hour before bed. Group your items of clothing together; short sleeves, long sleeves, skirts from short to long, you get the idea. Now comes the fun part, if you haven’t work the item in over a year, put it in the giveaway pile. Also, as you hang up the items put the hangar backward on the rack. Next year at this time if you have something that is still hanging backward, off it goes to the giveaway pile.I also like the cute little storage baskets in the closet. I use them for my gym shorts and out of season sleepwear.

The Bathroom

Another area that needs organization is the bathroom. I seriously don’t know where all the little bottles of shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes come from! This is a great time to take those items to a homeless shelter or a battered women’s shelter. While you are cleaning those drawers out, add unused makeup, lotions, and perfume to your pile. Some homeless shelter’s and battered women’s shelters will take those as well. When you get to the linen cabinet, take all of the folded sheets and slip them into a matching pillowcase. Genious! It keeps everything together and looks nice and tidy in your cabinet.


monthly organization file folderI thought we lived in a paperless world? I have too much paper around me. Make a home for those pesky little pieces of paper. We keep all of our receipts so I bought a brown accordion folder that was labeled with the months. Every time someone comes home from shopping they put their receipts in the respective month. This way if something needs to be returned we can go right to the receipt! Thow away that junk mail. Don’t let it sit on your counter and clutter up the counter. Unless of course, you received some fun mail from Town & Parish Realty! Well, it wouldn’t be junk mail anyway, would it? Ha!


What if the thought of organization gives you anxiety?

Did you know there were professional organizers? There are! Bless those people! They can help you organize those hard to organize areas or rooms or even organize you for a move or moving into your new home.

If you are in the Prairieville / Baton Rouge areas

Check out Chaos Organizing or Called to Order. Both of these companies also have Facebook pages and Instagram profiles.

Pantry photo credit to my daughter who just recently took back control of her pantry

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