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What’s The Word Wednesday: Love

Do you love where you live?

One of the fun things in this profession is helping people find a home they just fall in love with. I can sometimes tell before they even know. I see it in their eyes. I see it in their body language. I hear it in their voice. I notice the way couples look at each other. I wonder if my agent knew it when she showed me the house we live in now. I remember that when we walked in the back door and entered the kitchen I said: “This is it”! I remember seeing the island in the kitchen and I was smitten. She asked if I wanted to look at the rest of the house and I responded: “I guess If I have to”! As we walked through the rest of the house, I was even more in love. We brought my husband back that evening and the rest is history as they say. 15 years later, we are still here and starting to update.

Do you love your community?

When we moved here, I remember thinking to myself, “What have I done to my family”.

cows looking at us in prairieville

Photo by Antonio Grosz on Unsplash

I mean, the gas stations closed at 8:00 pm! I was from Baton Rouge where things were open till late in the evening. Good gracious, there were cows at the end of the street. We could hear them in the morning while waiting for the bus with my little ones. After the initial culture shock and a few parents letting me know that I was an outsider, I decided to embrace this community. I became involved in the girls’ schools,  started volunteering and yep, you guessed it… became a real estate agent. I realized that I truly had come to love the community. People were so friendly here. The community had so much to offer. When working with buyers I truly wanted to tell them all about what Ascension Parish had to offer.

Love where you live.

If you don’t love your community ask yourself a couple of questions. Is it the community that you don’t love or do you just not know a lot about the community. Make an effort to visit some of the local shops and talk to the shop owners, reach out to your neighbors and see if anyone has a long history where you live. Some of those stories of the past are so fascinating! Spend some time outside and visit the local festivals. I bet you might learn some things about your community that you didn’t know.

If you live in Ascension Parish and would like for me to share some of the things I love about our community, just let me know. I would love to have a cup of coffee with you and chat!

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