Are You Ready For The Swarm?

We aren’t talking about the App either. Although, those Swarms are pretty cool!

We are talking about TERMITES. Yuck! Those pesky little bugs that can cost us of dollars in repairs if they can get into our homes without us noticing. If you have lived in South Louisiana for any length of time you have certainly heard of the termite swarms.

What exactly are termites?

In simple terminology, termites are insects that mostly feed on dead plant material and cellulose, generally in the form of wood, leaf litter, soil, or animal waste. The Subterranean/Formosan termites we have here in South Louisiana live underground. When the temperatures begin to rise, and the humidity gets even higher the instinct of the termite is triggered to start a colony of their own. Basically, a swarming season is the mating season for termites.

When does the swarm happen?termite-swarmers

In the Prairieville / Baton Rouge area, we typically see the swarms April through July. Although, this year there have been some reports of swarms already! Formosan termite swarms usually coincide with days that are overcast and humid at dusk.

How do you survive the swarm?

  • Turn off outside lights from dusk to about 9:30 pm. The swarmers are attracted to light.
  • Seeing a swarm near your home only means you live near a nest. If you are concerned, call an expert.
  • If you see swarms coming from inside your house or garage, call an expert. You are likely infested.

Should I be worried about termites if I am buying a home?

The simple answer is, YES! During your inspection period, you should definitely have the home checked for termites. Even if the house is under contract with another company, we always recommend that you have an independent inspection to make sure there is no active infestation.

We will be interviewing a Pest Control Expert in the near future with more information.
In the meantime, if you need a recommendation for a pest control expert, let us know. We know someone who “scares bugs to death“.

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