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Bathroom Trend No-Nos

You have been dreaming of updating your bathroom. You have pinned all your ideas on Pinterest, you have been to every new construction open house to take pictures, and you have harassed every single salesperson at every flooring store, plumbing store, and granite shop. It’s finally time to take the plunge.

Let me stop you right in your tracks.

Are you following the trends? If so, you may be committing some bathroom trend no-nos.

  1. We have seen some trends of bringing hardwood into the bathroom. While it’s beautiful, I’m just not sure it’s practical. Especially if you have kids! Check with your flooringwood flooring in bathroom specialist to see how the hardwood you have chosen will hold up to dampness every day from the shower and bathtub use. I don’t know about you, but I’m not really a fan of having to make sure I dry the floor every single time a splash of water touches it. I can barely get myself completely dry, much less worry about the floor! Try checking out the wood look tile if you are dead set on wood flooring in the bathroom.
  2. Color is coming back into the bathroom. Unfortunately, we see it coming back in the form of colored tubs, toilets, and sinks. Flashback to MawMaw’s house in the 1950’s. Now, I LOVE those old colored tubs and tiles on the wall. I think it’s because it brings back good memories for me. While you may love the splashes of color now, how long will you really like those things? What if you experience an unexpected move? These things are costly to change out. Try sticking with color on the walls in the form of paint and art.
  3. Let go back to the floor. I know, I just talked you out of the hardwood and I bet you wemosaic tile on wall around sink in bathroomnt straight for the small mosaic tiles. You did, didn’t you? Well, I love them too, and they are pinned on my Pinterest for my bathroom renovation. But… think about this. That’s A LOT of freaking grout to clean. Seriously. I guess this is why I haven’t pulled the trigger myself yet. Do you really want to try to keep all that grout clean? As an alternative, you could set that pretty mosaic tile on the wall or the tub surround.

If I just crushed your bathroom renovation dreams. I’m sorry.
If you are still adding all these trends to your bathroom renovation, please send me pictures so I can swoon!

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