Best Boudin in Ascension Parish

Boudin pronounced “boo-dahn”

For those of you reading that aren’t from South Louisiana, boudin is in a link like a sausage. The casing is packed with pork, rice and the ohhh so good seasonings. I have to warn you, it isn’t very photogenic in its natural state, but hey, neither am I! There isn’t much that makes me happier than a hot link of boudin. I have been known to stop at our local convenient store and grab a link for the drive to work. I live six miles from work!

Last month I was visiting a friend in New Orleans and we went to lunch.


Picnic Provisions &Whiskey is where we went and I highly recommend you go next time you are uptown on Magazine Street.  We ordered boudin for our appetizer. Now, I was some kind of excited waiting on this because boudin is it’s own food group as far as I am concerned. When the waiter brought out the boudin I was a bit taken back. It was out of the casing and piled up in a bowl! Ok, I thought, maybe they do that because it isn’t the most flattering food item to eat in front of people. Then, my friend mentioned that they didn’t bring out any mustard. What the sam hell is she talking about I wondered?  When we were back at her office, someone else asked about the mustard. What? I had to speak up. What is this crazy talk? I love me some mustard but the only thing I remotely eat with boudin is a saltine cracker. I learned that day that apparently, in New Orleans they dip their boudin in creole mustard. Whatever. Not sure why they want to ruin a perfectly good link of boudin that way.

I decided to ask my local Ascension Parish people about their favorite Boudin.

Most sent me to Lafayette. This is where I learned about boudin to begin with so I agreed. I have a friend that used to share boudin and saltine crackers on a Saturday morning when we were at False River. Notice I didn’t say anything about dipping in creole mustard. Two local places that came up in my poll were Veillon’s and Tureau’s. Remember the convenient store I stop at? Well, that’s Veillon’s! I decided to get a few links from each of these locally owned businesses and do a taste test myself.

Here are the results:

boudin link from Veillon's in Ascension Parish

Veillon’s – When you order, they get them from the steamer and wrap them up for you. The texture is perfect. A nice blend of pork and rice with a smoky flavor and good seasoning.

Tureau’s – The links are individually wrapped and kept in a warming tray. The texture was a little different here. Not as much rice and almost a pate’ texture. The flavor was incredible!



The Verdict: They were both good. I live only 2 miles from Veillon’s and Tureau’s is the opposite way from where I typically travel so I will probably continue to stop at Veillon’s but next time I am near Tureau’s I will be sure to stop in and get my boudin fix. Next time you are visiting Ascension Parish, I would recommend either of these places to get your fix as well!

If you have a favorite place to grab a link, let us know.

We will review the oh so good boudin balls next.


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