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Strung With Love – Meet The Neighbors

Strung with Love originally started in 2015 as a hobby.

After making a few for the community, an old friend from high school contacted the owner, Kacie Phillips via Facebook. This was the first time she realized that she had an idea that could be marginalized.

Ideas are always encouraged!

Strung with Love has grown from personal orders to workshops, and now they offer DIY Kits. The workshops are called Wine & Twine, this is where ladies can literally unwind while exploring a new creative outlet by creating their own piece of String- Art.

wine and twine workshop strung with love

Strung With Love also offers group events, i.e., Choir groups, Church groups, Children’s birthday party, Mother & Daughter Workshops, etc. You can find the DIY kits at Unique Creations Gift Boutique in Walker, La., or by contacting Strung With Love directly.

In the near future, Kacie would like to expand. She hopes to have a setup shop where she can provide more Make & Take Workshops.

Lesser Known Facts

Kacie shared with us that generally, people don’t realize the time and meticulous detail it takes into personal custom orders. Boards range from 3.5’ x 3.5’ and up. Depending on the detail of design and the number of colors used; the board alone takes a whole day to prep!
It is also lesser known that you can choose your own stain/finish.

couple with custom string art design that say philips est 1978

This could be a great American pastime!

Kacie is a full-time working mom of three, with a husband who also works full-time. She shared that this has become more than a profitable business; it has created a way for her husband and herself to spend time together. Recently their son has been enjoying helping his dad with the wood-work and their daughter really enjoys helping at the Birthday workshops.

child and lady holding strung with love string art in shape of a heart with blue and pink

Contact Strung With Love

You can contact Strung With Love via phone and social media
Phone – 225-276-4380
Instagram- Strungwithlovedesigns
Facebook- Strung with Love

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