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Organize & Clutter Free | Meet The Neighbors

Organize & Clutter Free offers Organizational tips and helps with decluttering your home or small business.

Kayla Noggle started Organize & Clutter Free in 2010 while living in Japan where her husband was serving in the Navy. She decided to bring it back after having others ask her where she learned all of her ideas.

Kayla can be contacted via phone or text at 225-726-5511, or on her Facebook Page . Her Facebook Page is also where you can find her services and prices.

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Kayla Noggle

With a family of six, Kayla has been organizing with little to no money and feels she can be of great help to show others how they can be organized as well with little effort. She is not someone that will come into your home and just give you orders, she will show you how, help you decide on what to get rid of and also clean the working area. She uses Norwex cleaning supplies to clean her whole house using only water. Kayla tells us that she has found that the Norwex products work the best and continue to shock her.

Kayla loves cleaning and getting organized. She says it makes her feel more relaxed and stress free! Once you do it for the first time and get to feel that amazing relaxing feeling, you will want to continue doing more until it’s all done and then you will want to keep up with it!

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