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Does A Pool Add Value To My Home?

Adding a swimming pool to your home is a great way to enjoy more time outdoors as well as add value to your home. But will a swimming pool actually add value? Several factors weigh into this; the cost of the pool, time spent in the pool, and comparable home values in the area.

Let’s “Dive” into this!

Pool Cost

You will spend, on average, between $30,000 for a smaller fiberglass pool to $70,000+ for a gunite pool with water features. The prices can skyrocket depending on the type, size, shape, and extras (jacuzzi tub, fountains, etc.). Keep this in mind when deciding to add your pool.


How often will you use the pool? Are you someone that will use it weekly and have guests come enjoy it as well? Will the kids or grandkids use it for a rousing game of Marco Polo? Think about five years from now. Will the pool still be something your and your family will enjoy?

Comparable Values

This is where you really need to pay attention. Check out other homes in your area. How does the value compare between the ones that have pools and the ones that do not? Also, pay attention to the types of pools the comparable homes have. If they all have fiberglass or liner pools, chances are you won’t get a great return if you install a more expensive gunite pool. The same goes for installing a lower end pool when the comparables all have higher end pools. You will take ding when it comes time to sell.

Let’s “Lap” back around

At the end of the day, the buyers will decide if the pool is valuable to them. You may have buyers that are absolutely against a pool, yet you may have buyers that absolutely want a pool. You won’t make everyone happy. Our suggestion when deciding to build a pool is to do what makes you and your family happy. A pool can be a source of creating many great memories and there is no price tag for that.

Check out the homes in the Greater Baton Rouge/ Prairieville Area that have pools!

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