Houmas House Plantation in Ascension Parish

Louisiana Plantation Homes

When people think of Louisiana, they think of alligators, bayous and Plantation homes. Here in the Greater Baton Rouge area, we are so lucky to have so many of the Plantation Homes close to us and open for tours.

A Little History

In the mid-1800s, the highest concentration of millionaires in America could be found in one winding corridor only about 120 miles long—a strip in south Louisiana along the Mississippi River, from New Orleans north to the region near Baton Rouge.

The region’s wealth came from massive sugar cane plantations. While the rest of the South cultivated cotton, Louisiana grew sugar and used the Mississippi River as a frontier freeway to get the crop to New Orleans and markets abroad.

For the most part, families no longer live in the plantation homes, and sugar is no longer cultivated on most of the plantation sites. The beautiful mansions now serve as living history museums. As well as tours, many of the homes double as bed and breakfast inns and several have onsite upscale restaurants.

Visit a local Plantation Home

Beautiful fountain at Houmas House

Here are some of our favorites that are either located in the Greater Baton Rouge area or close enough to make a day trip.

Houmas House – Experience the life of a wealthy Sugar Baron in the 1800s.
Voted Best Historic Mansion by USA Today
Laura Plantation – Journey beyond the myths of the American South and discover the compelling stories of 4 generations of Créole women, both free and enslaved.
The Myrtles Plantation – One of America’s Most Haunted Homes
Nottoway Plantation – The South’s Largest Antebellum Mansion
Oak Alley Plantation – Experience the beauty of a 14-deep double-row of 300-year-old live oak trees.
St. Joseph Plantation – A working sugarcane plantation with tours given by descendants of the plantation’s owner in the 1870s.

Louisiana is rich in history and visiting these Plantation Homes will certainly take you back in time. Enjoy!

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