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Feng Shui To Sell Your Home

feng shui interior

Let’s learn about some home selling Feng Shui! Feng what? This isn’t super popular like it is on the West Coast but some of the practices can certainly help us here in the Greater Baton Rouge area! Make sure abundance is flowing through your front door Feng shui masters believe that abundance flows in through […]

Do I Really Need A Pre-Inspection?

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Guest Blogger!   This week we have a guest blogger! Kiel Wilson with Paradigm Home Inspections talks to us about Pre-Inspections.   Wondering if you need a Pre-Inspection? When you decide to finally put your house on the market, it can be hard to look at your investment subjectively. You’ve put a lot of time, […]

Who Gets The Window Treatments?

window treatments and blinds

One item that we see buyers and sellers squabble over is window treatments. Buyers expect the window treatments to be in the house after they close and get very upset when they aren’t. Sellers are trying to save some money and take the window treatments to their new home. Yikes! Who is right? In the […]

Home Staging… Huh?

home staging in kitchen

If you have been thinking of selling your Prairieville / Baton Rouge home and have been doing some research online, you have certainly come across the term “home staging”. According to Forbes magazine, a first impression is made in about seven seconds. This is why it is so important to have great curb appeal. If […]

What Is Curb Appeal?

home with curb appeal

Do you know what curb appeal is? Don’t be embarrassed if you have ever had to ask the question, “What is curb appeal”? The dictionary defines curb appeal as the attractiveness of property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street. “landscaping, the front entrance, and the condition of the paint or siding […]